Yours Truly

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Yours Truly

Forsooth I say to thee, is there no other manner by which I may unearth the obvious? In other words, “Really, don’t you get it?”.

Here is a case of another word that has gained popularity over the years. Do you see it above?

No, actually, it’s not there because it’s here. Confused? I’m referring to the word “actually”.

To use an archaic form it does mean “in sooth” or “in truth” or in today’s language, “as a matter of fact”. Another choice is “in deed”.

It’s a popular word, because for one reason, it offers the speaker a degree of prestige especially if he/she is in the teen years. Although it belongs within the same category as totally and utterly, it has a different meaning.

I illustrate by the following conversation:
“Well, actually, I think Mr. Jones is a better teacher than Mr. Smith. He spends a lot of time explaining the solution on the blackboard. He actually goes over each step of the equation so you end up actually understanding everything.”

It’s the overuse that becomes tiresome to the listener.

In replying to a question from a news reporter during the present election campaign the leader of one of the parties actually used this word three times in his response. I think one of his advisors remarked on the over-use of actually. I did not hear that word used by the same leader in a question and answer session the next day.

Forsooth I kid you not!

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  1. jussi

    Hello John! We met yesterday in Keskuspuisto. We talked about new teaching methods among some teachers here in Finland. I looked for the teacher I told you. His name in Markus Humaloja. He teaches in Veromäki koulu in Vantaa. ( . He also writes a blog about his methods, ( he was interviewed in programme called Kioski ( If you were interrested, you should send him a e-mail to visit his class. I think he would appreciate it.

    Sincerely yours
    Jussi Tähkiö


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