Why I Wrote Jackie

Jackie_ebook2-677x1024At some point in the 1980’s when I guess I had nothing better to do I had the bright idea of writing a memoir about my childhood in Niagara Falls. Why? Well, because I felt that in spite of the tears, there were plenty of laughs; in spite of the fears there were glints of courage. There was anxiety but also tranquility, and instead of anger there was more goodwill. I couldn’t help but draw comparisons between my childhood years and those of the present generation.

My son, however, warned me against falling into the old trap of suggesting how “things were better in the olden days”. With that cautionary note in mind, I began by brainstorming. Over the next few years I  accumulated over 50 pages of scribbled notes of anything I could remember that would be worth recounting.

Four years ago, I started to write the anecdotes as short  stories and structured as a memoir. Then I put them together in chronological order and hired a local editor to tidy them up. When that was completed, I decided to change the book completely into its present form because, after much research I concluded that memoirs were really only of interest to readers when the author was a celebrity of some note.

Miss-Smith-2The questions at the back will deal with incidents, attitudes, personalities and relationships that hopefully will reveal characteristics of life at that time.

Finally, my hope is that young readers especially will enjoy reading about Jackie’s exploits but at the same time discover something new about a young person’s life in the 1930”s.

My wish for the mature reader, is that he or she will be reminded of that period when war was raging overseas while we as kids carried on as we always had.