Panache ?

Panache ?

We are still focusing on words and expressions. Will this never end ? Where do they come from? How and why do they become popular? My guess is … television, social media and the hallways of your local school; in the first instance, TV, by way of those weekly series of programmes, either comedy or situational. Not being familiar with any of these, I’ll not refer to any titles except one, by way of thirty-second promotionals, and that is “Mr. D”. I suppose this programme title caught my attention because this person is a teacher. As you can see, I am totally out-of-touch with that part of our world.

Well, well, it seems I have let the cat out of the bag! Our word of the week is….”totally”.

Have you not heard that word lately, either on the street, or on the bus, subway or coffee shop? You might hear “I totally get it!” or, in reference to someone’s friend, “I can’t stand her, she is totally obnoxious!”

Remember your favourite word “awesome”? Well, now she has a friend and they seem to go together nicely such as in: “That is a totally awesome pair of shoes!”

Instead of saying totally why wouldn’t you use the word “entirely” or “completely”? Why do you have that tattoo? Good question. It sets you apart from the crowd, doesn’t it? You mean those people who say “totally” all have tattoos? No, no. What I’m saying is; not everyone has totally in their daily vocabulary, just as not everyone has a tattoo on their left hip.

I believe there is a wee bit of panache associated with the use of the word “totally”. You see, there are other words one could use as noted above.

A few years ago, there was another word much like our “word of the week” and very popular; that was “utterly”.

So, if you wish to dish another wee bit of panache, try, for a change: “Oh, that is an utterly beautiful hair-do!”

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