Fast Talkers Blog #24

Blog # 24
Fast Talkers

Why is everyone in a hurry? What’s the rush?
I’m not talking about drivers on the 400 high-way heading for their cottages. Nor am I referring to office workers scurrying through the subterranean regions of downtown Toronto.

I’m referring to people appearing on television. You know the ones; sportscasters, news reporters but the ones that particularly bother me are a few “experts” that appear on a daily CBC programme which happens to be a favourite of mine, called “Power and Politics”. These are regulars. They have a need to impress the audience, you and me, with their high level of knowledge and analysis of national and world events. The faster they can fuse these words together the greater the impression they assume they are making.

I suppose it doesn’t help that the moderator at times may say “We have only fifteen seconds until break…” or “I can only give you people ten seconds for a quick comment on the fixed deadline for bringing refugees to Canada.”

I certainly hope our new Liberal cabinet in Ottawa has taken more than ten seconds to discuss such an important question.

This kind of phenomenom is also noted in a similar weekly programme that is devoted to the world of commerce and business. Thankfully this is a panel of two with only one being the guilty person.

Is this speed talking becoming more pervasive generally in our society, one might ask?

For instance, have you noticed this in your circle of friends or in your workplace?

If it is becoming more noticeable and it is a fact then one needs to ask…why?

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