Blog #23 B’s&B’S

Blog #23 B’s and B’s

It’s time for the conclusion to my extremely unscientific survey as presented in my last blog. If you recall, we were considering the number of blonde-haired people with blue eyes as a percentage of the total population in Finland. I wanted to find out if there was a difference between the percentage of those blue-eyed blondes that I observed in the suburbs as opposed to those I saw downtown.

I did in fact discover there was a difference. I stated that my observations showed that in the neighbourhood situated at the north end of Mannerheimentie where I stayed while in Helsinki, the blue-eyed blondes represented about 90 to 95 % of the people I observed from the window of the Picnic café while enjoying my coffee. This figure contrasted with the 50% observed in the City Centre from my vantage point in the famous Karl Fazer café on Kluuvikatu 3.

I should remind readers that this discussion has grown out of the general view that Finns like Swedes and Norwegians are regarded as blonde-haired and blue-eyed. Of course this isn’t entirely true because there are Finns who are dark-haired or even red-haired.

The question remains, however, what is the explanation for the seemingly stark difference between those passersby whom I observed downtown as opposed to those in the suburban area.
It would be helpful to reveal the fact that the downtown area is in walking distance from the harbour. Here, one sees the daily arrival of large ferries, cruise ships and leisure craft carrying passengers from nearby European countries and elsewhere. The day that I walked along the streets in downtown Helsinki there were large tour groups from Asian countries.

I believe it’s fair to say that the influx of visitors from other countries , some near but others from far distant shores accounts for the difference in my observations.

Therefor, I think I am on firm ground when I state that a high percentage of Finns are fair-haired and blue-eyed.

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