About Me: Author John Tammela

john tammelaIt wouldn’t take too long after reading Jackie: the adventures of a little boy trying to grow up by me, author John Tammela, to conclude that I’ve been around for a long time. And so you won’t be surprised if I tell you I’ve had 14 different addresses, travelled to or lived in 23 countries, 8 of our provinces in Canada, and 19 of the United States. Just to add a little spice to that I spent one year in Estonia and six and a half years in China teaching English.

Maple St. SchooljpegI shouldn’t forget that I did go to school too just like you, but then I figured I’d better keep going, so I went to the University of Toronto and earned a BA, attended Toronto Teacher’s College and what do you know, I taught Elementary School and Junior High School and then I suppose I must have been doing something right because I became a vice-principal and then principal  in the Elementary School system in North York. During that time I was enjoying school so much that I studied some more and earned a B Ed and M Ed. Because I felt I should keep growing if not in height then in other things, in my spare time I learned how to draw and paint at the Ontario College of Art.

The first time I wrote a story was in grade eight and then  in grade 12 and 13. In those latter years I actually had something published and it was in the high school year book,  Weston CVS The Conning Tower. Since then, I have written several short stories for my children, one of them, a Christmas story won first prize, $50, in our local newspaper the Markham Economist and Sun several years ago.

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